nav/attack is a band from Los Angeles.

Sparkly fusion of brass, keys and samplers creates a unique sound... with the array of accessible tunes and a penchant for creative visuals to accompany the music, it’s easy to foresee nav/attack capturing listeners’ attention in the years to come.
— L.A. Weekly

Photographer: Adam Goldberg

Takes its listeners on a post-computer age voyage that seamlessly skates between the line of a technology-masked society and the raw human conscience.
— Billboard Magazine
Andrew Lynch has the Dave Fridmann touch.
— Pitchfork
Lynch has always pushed boundaries, and maybe a few buttons. His new guise, art-pop project nav/attack, is a completely DIY effort that finds him sparring with both the digital and tactile worlds, exploring the uneasy truce between technology and human consciousness.
— Buzzbands L.A.


Equally inspired by the glaciers of his birthplace (Alaska) and the glitches of the city called home (Los Angeles), front man Andrew Lynch formed nav/attack while on a promotional trip to Europe with The Goldberg Sisters.

Lynch:  "I love field recordings, so I decided to bring a portable stereo recorder and capture as much as I could.  I had never been to Paris, but I spent almost as much time listening as I did looking. My plan was to come back to L.A. with these sounds and put them all in the MPC 2000XL, so I could make them into beats. But when I actually started sampling Europe in my home studio, my original premise didn't really work anymore.  It wasn't a big enough concept.  

In that moment, I looked around at all the equipment surrounding me, and I got hit with a different idea---I'm part of these music machines and they're also a part of me, and we're inseparable. We need each other to function.  All this technology and I have become like the person who pilots drones into targets, musically speaking of course. I'm at the controls."


Andrew Lynch
Piano / Synths / Brass / Lead Vocals

nav/attack front man, Andrew Lynch, is a multi-instrumentalist (piano, trumpet, guitar) and an audio engineer/record producer with studio credits that include John Cale ( of The Velvet Underground), alternative songstress Sia Furler, and L.A. punk supergroup OFF!  As a member of Adam Goldberg’s band The Goldberg Sisters, Lynch has performed live on BBC Radio 6 and The Late Late Show on CBS Television.  

Jason Echeverría

Jason Echeverria is an american drummer born in Santa Barbara, California. Jason started playing as a teenager and moved to seattle in 1992. He was in various bands during his time in Seattle, also playing percussion having performed with Matt Chamberlain and Barrett Martin.

After a 13 year stint in Seattle he moved to Los Angeles with his last Seattle band, Moonrats. He is a seasoned performer and bandmate and currently does session work and touring. Some of the producers and notable people he has worked with include Don Gilmore, Ryan Hadlock, Gary Mula, Manny Nieto, Pete Lyman, Nick Zinner and Spike Jones.

Assorted Friends
Additional Instruments


nav/attack’s debut was released in late 2015 on stalwart Silverlake indie label Dangerbird Records.  The self-titled album quickly drew notice from the LA Weekly, which cited nav/attack as one of the Top 10 Artists To Watch In 2016. Billboard Magazine and VEVO hosted premieres of the album’s startlingly evocative short films, several of which star Lynch’s friend and frequent collaborator actor Adam Goldberg (Dazed & Confused, Saving Private Ryan, The Jim Gaffigan Show) as well as radio play on L.A.’s flagship NPR station, KCRW, for the infectious lead single “Tear It.” 

nav/attack is a trip through the post-Computer Age where each technological stream flows intravenously into the consciousness. Piano, horns, drums, and bass are invaded with drum machines, computer speech, vocoders, and vintage samplers. nav/attack is chockfull of interaction between human and computer.  From love and loneliness to technophobia and transformative bliss.  The relationship between nav/attack and its user could not be more succinct.