nav/attack is a band from Los Angeles.



by nav/attack

A twisted doctor associated with a fake online dating service.  A two-faced local TV news man who gets his fix from a blood dealer.  These are the primary inhabitants of nav/attack’s world.  nav/attack is the recording project of Los Angeles based artist Andrew Lynch.  The moniker is derived from an 80’s “War Games-esque” software that uses a computer to locate a specific target and relay information back to it’s human counterpart.  To avoid misunderstandings with a computer, you must learn its language. 

nav/attack’s debut was released in late 2015 on stalwart Silverlake indie label Dangerbird Records.  The self-titled album quickly drew notice from the LA Weekly, which cited Lynch as one of the Top 10 Artists To Watch In 2016. High-profiled local and national press hosted premieres of the album’s startlingly evocative short films, several of which star Lynch’s friend and frequent collaborator actor Adam Goldberg (Dazed & Confused, Saving Private Ryan, The Jim Gaffigan Show) as well as radio play for the infectious lead single “Tear It.”  

For Errrors, Lynch flipped his own script.  “Software is ‘forked’ all the time,” Lynch said, explaining the agenda in revisiting the tracks from his debut.  “Using the first album as source material, I started altering it at the composition level, sometimes re-defining the mood and sometimes destroying the original idea,” Lynch recalled. “The premise was to nevertheless end up with a functional song.”  With song reconstructions and cinematic interludes, the private mix-tape pastiche of Errrors launches listeners deeper into nav/attack’s universe.

Underground rap artists G13 and ATCKMD expand upon Lynch's dystopian vision with sharp performances that elevate the beats, pull the listener out of the circuits and deposit them squarely back onto the boulevards of L.A. The result is an expanded narrative that further highlights the gulf between man and machine. 

nav/attack is a trip through the post-Computer Age where each technological stream flows intravenously into the consciousness. Piano, horns, drums, and bass are invaded with drum machines, computer speech, vocoders, and vintage samplers. nav/attack is chockfull of interaction between human and computer, where Andrew Lynch feels most at home. While steeped in technology, Errrors percolates with genuine human emotion.  From love and loneliness to technophobia and transformative bliss.  The relationship between nav/attack and its user could not be more succinct.  

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